CIN releases accurate leads on a daily basis and on average we put out approximately 120 leads a week, covering the full range of professional A/E services.  The two regions we cover are the CP region(Northern California, Nevada, Oregon & Washington) and the PSW region(Southern California, Arizona & Clark County, Nevada).
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Service Name

~Civil Engineering

~Construction Management

~Electrical/Mechanical Engineering


~Analytic Testing

~Biology/Endangered Species

~Computer Hardware/Software

~Construction Inspection



~Environmental Engineering


~Geotechnical Engineering

~Hazardous Wastes/Materials


~Interior Design

~Land Use Planning

~Seismic Engineering

~Structural Engineering

~Urban/Regional Planning

Service Name

~Space Planning

~Sustainability Design

~Traffic Engineering

~Urban Design

~Waste Management

~Water Resources

~Air/Water Quality


~Cost Estimating



~Graphic/Public Art

~Historic Preservation


~Landscape Architecture

~Marine Engineering

~Materials Testing

~Solid Waste Engineering

~Telecommunication Engineering

~Transportation Planning

~Wastewater Engineering

~And More!